Apple exposes a serious security flaw!

Apple exposes a serious security flaw! Involves iPhone, iPad, and Mac may be fully controlled by attackers, and users need to update immediately.

On the evening of August 20, "Apple exposed a serious security vulnerability" topped the hot search list.

According to the Associated Press report on the 20th, the United States Apple Inc. released two security reports on Wednesday local time. The two reports disclosed that the company's smartphone iPhone, tablet computer iPad, and iMac computer products have serious security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could allow potential attackers to compromise a user's device, gain administrative privileges, or even take full control of the device and run applications within it.

Apple said that it has begun to find the reasons for the above security flaws and corresponding solutions. On Friday, August 19, local time, Apple urged users to download the latest update immediately.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you need to update your software immediately to protect yourself from potential attackers. Apple has released two security reports that disclose serious vulnerabilities in their products that could allow attackers to take control of your device.

Apple is working on finding the causes of these security flaws and solutions, but in the meantime, they've urged all users to download the latest update. So if you have any of their products, be sure to update your software as soon as possible.

Apple has released a security update for a zero-day vulnerability that could have been exploited by hackers.

"This is what we call a zero-day vulnerability, which is a vulnerability that has already been used by hackers before companies have discovered and been able to respond," said Jamie J. Collier (Jamie Collier) introduced.

According to reports, the devices affected by this vulnerability cover almost all Apple products. Among them, mobile phones include iPhone 6S and later models; tablets include fifth-generation and later iPads, all iPad Pros, and iPad Air 2; and computers are Macs running macOS Monterey. In addition, the vulnerability can also affect some models of iPods.

Apple has discovered a security flaw that could allow hackers to gain "full administrative access" to the device. This means that intruders can impersonate the device owner and run any software in their name. Commercial spyware companies, such as Israel's NSO Group, are known for identifying and exploiting such security flaws, according to the Associated Press (AP). They use malware to surreptitiously infect a target's smartphone, steal its content and monitor the target in real-time. Currently, NSO Group has been blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its spyware is known to have been used against journalists, dissidents, and human rights activists in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

The recent zero-day bug found in iPhones is unlikely to cause widespread problems, experts say. However, it is still important to update your software as soon as possible to patch the vulnerability. "Typically, when vulnerabilities in phones like the iPhone are exploited, they tend to be fairly targeted, and the attacks are generally focused on a small group of people," Collier explained. On Friday, Apple instructed users to update the software on all devices as soon as possible to patch the zero-day vulnerability disclosed on Wednesday.

At the same time, security experts also urged Apple users to download the update immediately. "If you keep the system updated, it's absolutely fine because the security updates are out," Collier said. "I think the key is we need to stay calm." It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Apple has had a security breach in recent years.

In July 2021, a security company called Amnesty International released a report that the iPhone has a vulnerability that allows hackers to steal sensitive data on the iPhone through spyware without requiring users to click any links.


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